Good Morning Coffee

We know it’s important, so when you wake up some sweets and coffee will wait for you in our salon. On the house.

Amazing Wifi

Relax, we got it all cover, in the entrance, in the hall and in the bathroom. We won’t tell anybody if you just want to stay in bed all day and watch netflix 😉

Red Red Wine…

We LOVE wine and we got some really good local ones here. Red, white with some good olives on the side is a great way to start a great evening.

24H Reception

If you forgot to print your boarding pass, need some advice for a great restaurant or you just can’t sleep and need somebody to talk to, we are here. 24H.

Luggage Room

Late flight? don’t worry, enjoy the day and we will take care of keeping your belongings until you come back.

Local Art Corner

Art, prints and illustrations. all created by emerging artists from our city.